DNS Certified Exercise Trainers

DNS Certified Exercise Trainers are Health, Fitness, and Sport Professionals who have satisfactorily completed the required DNS Exercise Training coursework consisting of DNS Exercise Courses I, II and III. They have passed the practical testing associated with their training, and have demonstrated competency in both knowledge and skill execution in the application of the DNS Exercise assessment & training principles. They have earned the title "Certified DNS Exercise Trainer" (DNSET) issued by the Prague School of Rehabilitation, Prague, Czech Republic.

Hong Kong



Daichi Arima, ATC arima6005@yahoo.co.jp

Kumamoto, Japan
Jun Kaga, NCSA-CSCS,DNSET junkwake@gmail.com

tenpakuku , Nagoya
Keiichi Kameda, kameda@bodytips.co.jp

Jingu-mae 4-17-9-501, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo, 1500001,
Takuto Kondo, ATC, CSCS, PRT, DNSET pon-de-real7@hotmail.co.jp

〒880-0805, Carino Miyazaki B2F, Tachibanadori 4-8-1, Miyazaki-Shi, Miyazaki-ken, Japan www.wowd.jp/shop/miyazaki/
Takashi Mita, ATC, PRT, DNSET takashi.mita2@gmail.com
Maremi Mizuno, qqv56ry9@celery.ocn.ne.jp

Osoneotu, Nangoku, 7830005, Kochi
Kiyoshi Nishihahra, ATC,DNSET assist@fork,ocn.ne.jp

ueda1052, usa-shi, 879-0453, usa1961.com/
YUSUKE OHNO, yusuke.ohno110314@gmail.com

iiduka 249-1, Sawa-Gun Tamamura-Town, 370-1102, GUMMA
Taichi Oshita, CSCS,DNSET t.oshita0206@gmail.com

Teikyo University Institute of Sports Science & Medicine 359 otsuka Hachiouji City Tokyo, Japan 192-0395 www.teikyo-u.ac.jp/english/
Kan Sugiyama, MA, ATC, CSCS, DNSET kansugiyama2006@yahoo.co.jp

Tokyo, Japan
Hidetomo Suzuki, PhD, ATC, CSCS, FMS1&2, SFMA1&2, YBT, JATI-ATI, JASA-AT, DNSET suzuki_h@obirin.ac.jp
Nobuyasu Takeshima, MPA, DNSET, PES/CES, FMS/FCS, Original Strength Certified Pro Coach, JSPO Powerlifting & JBBF Bodybuilding & JKBF Kettlebell Coach, Real Federación Española de Fútbol Coaching License Nivel 1. nobuyasutakeshima@yahoo.co.jp


South Korea



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