Functional assessment and treatment
approach according to Janda and Lewit

Functional Assessment and Treatment Approach according to Lewit and Janda
Part 2

August 3 - 5, 2018

3 - Day Course 

TIFAR Education Center (TEC)
No.285, Sec. 2
Taiwan Blvd., West Dist.
Taichung City 40308


Michaela Veverkova, MPT


Kenny Hsiao
Taiwan Institute of FAscia Research (TIFAR)


Day 1 

Concept of barrier phenomenon according to Lewit

Soft tissue techniques - skin, connective tissues, fascia, trigger points, periosteal points

Evaluation and treatment in lumbar region

Evaluation of SI joint, local fascias

Postisometric muscle relaxations in pelvis region 

Mobilization techniques for SI joint


Day 2 

Evaluation of lumbar spine, local fascias                                     

Postisometric muscle relaxations in lumbar region

Traction and mobilization techniques in lumbar region

Evaluation and treatment in thoracic region

Evaluation of thoracic region, local fascias

Postisometric muscle relaxations in thoracic region 

Mobilization techniques in thoracic region


Day 3 

Evaluation and treatment in cervical region

Evaluation of cervical region, local fascias, 

Postisometric muscle relaxations in cervical region

Traction and mobilization techniques in cervical region

Patient demonstration: Functional evaluation and treatment strategies, client’s education 



Functional Approach Educational Track