DNS Certified Pediatric Practitioners

DNS certified pediatric practitioners are clinicians who have satisfactorily completed extensive DNS training coursework with the addition of pediatric skills. They have at least 3 years of clinical DNS training. They have passed all tests associated with their training, and demonstrated competency in both knowledge and skill execution in the application of the diagnostic & therapeutic principles of DNS. They have earned the title "Certificate of DNS Pediatric Practitioner" (DNSPP) issued by the Prague School of Rehabilitation, Prague, Czech Republic.

North America


Green Judy, BScPT, D.O.M.P. greenosteopathy@gmail.com

12020 Ashburn Road, Port Perry, Ontario, L9L 2A1, Canada greenosteopathy.ca

Green Jacqueline, DO, M.Ost jackiegreendo@gmail.com

12020 Ashburn Road , Port Perry, L9L 2A1, Canada Greenosteopathy.ca

Jones Mary Lynne, BSc.PT mjones@midnaporephysicaltherapy.com

107,239 Midpark Way SE, Calgary, T2X 1M2, Alberta, Canada www.midnaporephysicaltherapy.com



Fowler Raymond, D.C., F.A.C.O., D.A.C.R.B., D.N.S.P. spinerehab1@yahoo.com
 770-641-8283  cell: 678-361-3451

1) 555 Sun Valley Drive, Suite #G-3, Roswell GA 30076 2) 110 East Andrews Drive, Suite 310, Atlanta GA 30305 www.fowlerchiro.com


Tortoriello William, D.C. wtortoriello@hotmail.com

1) 7001 W. Higgins Ave, Chicago, Il, 60656 2) 5161 W. 111th St., Chicago, Il 60803 www.integrative-chiropractic.com