Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization according to Kolar (DNS)
A Developmental Kinesiology Approach

Yoga and Visceral Mobilization Specific Course

September 27 - 30, 2018

4 - Day Course for attendees who have covered DNS course A or DNS Exercise course 1 or for yoga instructors and experienced yoga practitioners without DNS experience

4925 S. Santa Fe Drive, Suite 100
Littleton, CO 80120


Petr Bitnar, MPT

Martina Jezkova, MPT


Michael Rintala, D.C.
Jonathan Mackoff, D.C.

Course Objectives:



Foundations of the basic principles of physiological movement through functional joint centration and their applications in asana practice.

Showing the developmental kinesiology relationships to the yoga asana’s.

Feet and hand support relationships, principles of skeletal symmetry, muscle balance/ imbalances.

Watching for functional joint centration during static and dynamic loading.

Working in closed/open kinetic chains.

Correcting dysfunctional patterns with coordinated co-contraction of antagonists.

Applying all these principles to the specific groups of yoga asanas –standing poses, sitting poses, forward bends.



Learn the assessment and mobilization of the various visceral organs in the body.

Functional Assessment and treatment in:

Gastro-esophageal reflux disease.

Swallowing problems.


Functional sterility.

Other abdominal and pelvic issues.

Postural assessment and treatment in chronic dysfunction of internal organs.

Mobilization and soft tissue techniques in chronic dysfunction of internal organs.

Systematic trigger point therapy and global reciprocal muscle inhibition.

Additionally we will explore how certain yoga movements can aid in the mobilization and motilization of the visceral organs. Martina and Petr will combine forces to workshop and explore this collaboration of their specialties.