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1. Introduction
2. DNS theoretical approach for pregnancy
3. Assessment
1. Stance
2. IAP and Diaphragm test in standing
3. Spinal flexibility
4. Pelvic stability
5. Sitting
6. Test of direction of IAP in supine
4. Treatment – manual techniques
1. Soft tissue technique of chest
2. Soft tissue technique of postero-lateral abdominal wall
3. Soft tissue technique of intercostal spaces
4. Centration of chest and contact breathing
5. Mobilization of lumbar spine
5. Treatment – active exercise
1. Quadruped
2. Low kneeling
3. Supta Badha Konasana variation
4. Bharadvajasana variation
5. Lower abdominal wall activation
6. 3 months supine
7. Low oblique sit
8. Bear
9. Pec Major and Minor release and integration
6. Reassessment
7. Summary

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