Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization according to Kolar (DNS)
A Developmental Kinesiology Approach

DNS Foot, Ankle & Gait Course

December 2 - 3, 2024

2 - Day Course for students who have taken DNS Exercise I or Clinical Course A


Zdravstveni dom dr. Adolfa Drolca
Ulica Talcev 9
2000 Maribor


Petra Valouchova, MPT, PhD

Course Payment and Organization

Slovenian Association of Physiotherapists

Course Objectives (Foot  & Ankle)

Developmental aspects & foot formation, influence of the CNS function on foot structural maturation

Foot biomechanics from the developmental perspective; stepping forward, supporting function, foot function during gait cycle

Foot and ankle functional evaluation from developmental perspective

Functional foot centration from the developmental perspective

DNS active exercise positions to centrate the foot and to coordinate muscles in foot region

Mobilization, relaxation and soft tissue techniques according to Lewit to normalize foot function

Foot awareness assessment and treatment (foot cortical representation training)

Typical chain reactions and types of musculoskeletal dysfunction resulting from foot dysfunction

Self treatment techniques for foot dysfunction


Course Objectives (Gait)

Improve attendee’s acumen for gait analysis.

Review the different phases of the gait cycle.

Review pertinent developmental kinesiology to the gait cycle.

Provide a detailed explanation of muscle kinematics of the foot and how it relates to stability, function and centration.

Learn to utilize gait analysis as the doorway into the overall function of the patient. Attendees of this course should expect to be able to identify proper functional tests to verify observational findings in the gait cycle.

Specific developmental exercises to address common functional and structural pathology affecting the gait cycle.

Review postural stabilization and the roll the diaphragm and respiration play in this essential attribute of function.

Overview of common pathology associated with the gait cycle.

General Terms and Conditions