Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization according to Kolar (DNS)
A Developmental Kinesiology Approach

DNS Skill Class with Focus on Shoulder Girdle

July 30, 2020

1 - Day Course for students who took DNS course B


12, Jalan 17/21
Section 17
46400, Petaling Jaya


Martina Jezkova, MPT

Lim Yi Lin

Course Payment and Organization

Tesseract Centre for Advanced Movement Intelligence

Course objectives:


Developmental aspects: shoulder girdle functional stereotypes from developmental kinesiology perspective

DNS functional tests for shoulder girdle

Frozen shoulder, shoulder impingement

Mobilization techniques for shoulder girdle

Soft tissue techniques 

Training of body awareness of respiration

Thorax and shoulder girdle centration in various developmental positions, facilittion of shoulder girdle muscle co-activation. Manual assisted movement.

Functional stretching for shoulder girdle and upper extremity

DNS corrective exercise for shoulder girdle stabilization

DNS approach to perform sport training with proper functional shoulder girdle centration

Video and patient demonstrations