Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization according to Kolar (DNS)
A Developmental Kinesiology Approach

DNS Exercise Course for Pilates Instructors Part 2

February 15 - 16, 2020

2 Days Course for Certified Pilates Instructors

Exact location TBD


Martina Jezkova, MPT

Guest Lecturer: Chris Lavelle

Course Payment and Organization

Chris Lavelle
(+61) 412652409

Course objectives:


  • Review of developmental kinesiology and DNS principles, in the context of optimal adult posture and Pilates technique and instruction.
  • Define and analyse global movement patterns in DNS and Pilates systems 
  • Detailed analysis of muscle co-activation in differentiated movement patterns (contralateral and ipsilateral) as they occur in DNS and Pilates exercises
  • Demonstrate and practice DNS exercises in higher developmental positions – oblique sit, tripod, differentiated bear, differentiated squat, lunge, step up, and appropriate modifications. 
  • Detailed analysis and practice of ipsilateral and contralateral patterns in all movement planes in the Pilates exercise system. 
  • Understand the importance and practice of training body awareness in developmental positions and Pilates exercises.
  • Clearly define dynamic stabilisation and joint centration goals within Pilates exercises and transitions
  • Practice and instruct joint centration throughout the entire kinetic chain and complete range of motion, in DNS and Pilates exercises
  • Analyse and practice how the base of support changes on the floor (mat) and apparatus and throughout an exercise/movement
  • Discuss the importance of incorporating sagittal stabilisation and adequate proportions of ipsilateral and contralateral patterns into Pilates exercise programs.